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Hanna University – Your One-Stop Education Portal


Hanna University is our one-stop shop for hundreds of training videos, webinars, and online classes. Hanna University will enlighten you with fresh content and invigorating instruction, at every level of agent expertise.

Hanna University will help you enhance your daily practice, with simple tips and sophisticated thinking. Offering a wide variety of courses in topics such as:

  • New Agent Development
  • Advanced Sales Skills
  • Core Services
  • The Hanna Advantage
  • Marketing Skills and Strategies
  • Marketing Technology

In addition to excellent content, our University “faculty” includes many in-house and outside educators in our field. They’re available any time you choose to log on…with video and webinar classes focused on enhancing your individual skill development at a pace, time, and place that works best for YOU. Hanna University provides you with dialogues and scripting, letting you study the subject-matter experts whenever – and with whatever frequency – you want.

Classes range from 5 to 25 minutes, addressing dozens of subjects – from prospecting to listing and sales presentations to getting powerful results from online marketing.

Hanna University brings you proactive educational opportunities, accessible 24/7 and FREE.

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